I have to admit that I am curious. 
I have always liked seeing beyond things, beyond what the first impression gives, in order to reach the place where our immagination takes us.
With immagination everything becomes special, everything is unique and inimitable.
For this reason I need to bring out the potential of every item, giving a different and unusual point of view to whom looks at it.

I start from the reality and, thanks to the magic of what I create, I soar with my immagination.

The journey is always pleasant and unpredictable, I never know where my desire to invent will take me. For every realized work, there are thousands ideas ready to express in a way I still do not know and that I cannot wait to know.

One day I decided to share my works with someone, both because my living space was starting to be insufficient, and because the idea to let them fly out from the nest makes me proud. To know that they can make special the house of someone makes me feel happy.

On this website you find beautiful pieces of forniture, and also fashion accessories. They are all unique and hand-made pieces, and among them there is certainly your "special" item. How can you find it? Look at all the items, and just one of them will "choose" you, attracting your attention more than others. That is your object.

A rare piece, as you are. Do not let it run away! 


Edi Chirumbolo creates unique creations for your home, original furnishing accessories that will make your home unique and rich in creativity, authenticity and genuineness.



Poseidon Mirror

The mirror of Poseidon.

Mirror entirely handmade.
Unique piece for your original and extravagant decor and furnishing

$6,000.00 *

Regal Bottles

"Royal" bottles to crown water and wine, the sovereigns of the table!

Glass bottles with unique decorations.


$1,440.00 *

Copper Grass

A wood box for vegetables has became a wonderful small blooming garden...will it be real?

Unique piece of furnishing handmade in copper

$2,400.00 *

Game table


Table made with precious marbles
Particular and extraordinary item, inevitable for your exclusive furniture

$18,000.00 *


Centerpiece for arrangements of flowers or fruits. 

Container for items, original and unique, to furnish your home with originality

$4,800.00 *

Wall light

Wall light.

Unique and extraordinary decor, to give your home a glamorous and original look

$3,600.00 *
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery