About me

About me



Unique and hand made forniture

Of Edi you can say she is unique without the fear of making a mistake. 

LibroUnique for the way she can see the world, through the childlike eyes of creativity. 

She describes herself as an "active time-waster", and in this description there is all her personality.

"Time-waster" because she is not happy to frame the reality according to the rules of the majority; she likes observing it through the magic lenses of her way of being; "active" because she does not observe it passively, but she recreate it in her way, being surprised and surprising, every time. 

For this reason it does not make sense to write an introduction which underline her artistic education, her bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture obtained at the University of Florence, her successful experiences as interior designer and painter of valued trompe l'oeil which made her a Florentine Excellency. 

It makes sense, instead, to leave enough space for her ideas, her philosophy, the philosophy of the uniqueness.

The unique pieces of furniture: reinvent the furniture

Edi interprets the research of the uniqueness as freedom, the freedom of making the world know her own point of view, of changing the sense of things through a sequence of uncommon and inimitable objects. Here she creates reinvented objects for a completely different use from that for which they were realized, all unique pieces, sometimes useful, and sometimes apparently aimless, but that of satisfying the sense of beauty and of originality. 

Is not this one an even more worthy purpose? Judge for yourselves.


Edi Reinvent: Unique and handcrafted creations, entirely handmade by Edi Chirumbolo, originals furnishing and accessories.