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Edi Reinvent: Unique and handcrafted creations, entirely handmade by Edi Chirumbolo, originals furnishing and accessories.


Find your unique and handmade furniture accessories that will make your home original.


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Copper Grass

A wood box for vegetables has became a wonderful small blooming garden...will it be real?

Unique piece of furnishing handmade in copper

$2,400.00 *

Regal Bottles

"Royal" bottles to crown water and wine, the sovereigns of the table!

Glass bottles with unique decorations.


$1,440.00 *

1950s reptile leather chair

This chair is the model of a 1950s chair covered by ancient reptile leather. 

Unique and unusual furnishings

$4,800.00 *

Poseidon Mirror

The mirror of Poseidon.

Mirror entirely handmade.
Unique piece for your original and extravagant decor and furnishing

$6,000.00 *


screen like this? A truly unique touch of originality!

Your privacy in a unique and elegant piece of furniture

$6,000.00 *

Jewelry Box

Bring at your home a corner of tropics with this gorgeous wood jewelry box!

Unique and rare item for your furniture

$1,800.00 *

Bird Feeder

Bird feeder.

Extravagant and extraordinary object to impress your guests with a unique and unique furnishing complement

$2,400.00 *

Couch Martino

Martino, a small, unique couch!

Decorate with style and uniqueness your home with a small handmade sofa

$4,800.00 *

Salt and Pepper

An important dinner? 

Beautiful, unique and special salt and pepper shakers made of brass, wood and marble

$3,600.00 *

Vegetables in vase

Vegetables in vase. An artichike and various types of salad which decorate instead of feeding you!

Beautiful and special furnishings in copper

$600.00 *

Copper Grass Vase

Bouquet of grass, daisies and clover made of copper foils. Forbidden to water!

Original and exclusive furnishings for your home

$960.00 *

Marble Table

Beautiful table made of marble and canary grass.

Extraordinary and distinctive marble furnishing object.

$6,000.00 *

Console with marble top

For a stylish welcome.

Decorate your home with a unique item: green marble consoles to make your house special

$4,200.00 *

Big Console Table

External console table.

Wood with marble effect for tastefully and style your home

$4,800.00 *

Game table


Table made with precious marbles
Particular and extraordinary item, inevitable for your exclusive furniture

$18,000.00 *

Glass bell

Plants and animals under a glass bell, they seem real but... 

Made of metal, glass and wood.

$1,440.00 *

Pieces of cutlery Bell

A cutlery under a glass bell? The effect is, without a doubt, amazing! 

Original and stylish item for your furniture

$3,600.00 *

Vase Storage

Vase Storage.

For your unique decor: flooring with wooden and brass storage

$7,200.00 *


Centerpiece for arrangements of flowers or fruits. 

Container for items, original and unique, to furnish your home with originality

$4,800.00 *

Upright Flower

Upright flower.

Glass furniture that with extreme originality, class and uniqueness creates a special decor for your home

$4,800.00 *

Upright Table Lamp

Thanks to this upright table lamp your living room will not lack of personality!

Rare and unusual object of furniture in kaolin and brass

$3,000.00 *

Table Lamp

Table lamp which will give a flower touch!

Unique and original furnishings to give style and elegance to your home

$1,800.00 *

Wall light

Wall light.

Unique and extraordinary decor, to give your home a glamorous and original look

$3,600.00 *

Backpack with wings

The imagination will wander with this incredible backpack

Soft leather for a unique and extravagant accessory

$3,000.00 *

Nina bag

Nina, the smart bag! To find immediately all you need.

Made in precious fabric, comfortable and elegant

$960.00 *

Perspex Bag

Bag made of perspex cards in turtle color, linked between them through silk colored ribbons, from ivory to dark violet. 

$960.00 *

Perspex Bag

Small precious bag of perspex cards, linked between them through metal small chains. The bag is lined with burgundy satin. 

$960.00 *

Perspex Bag

Small precious blue bag of perspex cards, linked between them through metal small chains, and lined with golden satin. 

$960.00 *

Lara pochette

Lara, the purse with a cascade of buttons jewelry!

Detail, elegant and multicolored, perfect for any occasion

$4,200.00 *

Duck Pumpkin

Duck Pumpkin. An original and funny ornament which will intrigue everyone!

Beautiful brass duck on pumpkin: unique and unique original

$1,200.00 *
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1 - 30 of 44 results