Right to withdraw


Except for what is established from art. 1373 c.c, for the private customer who operates, concerning the purchase, for different aims than his job, the Legislative Decree 206/2005 ("Consumer code"), as modified by the legislative Decree n. 21 of 21/02/2014, art. 52 expects the right to withdraw. More precisely, within the meaning of art. 64 of Consumer code, the customer is allowed, within 14 working days at most from the date you received the delivery, to exercise the right to withdraw. This means that you can return the products you received and you can receive the refund of the price you paid, without sanction and without the need to explain the reason. 

This right can be applied to all the products you buyed online on the website www.EDICHIRUMBOLO.com

Return shipping cost are charged to the customer

The right to withdraw lapses totally if the returned product is not intact, for the absence, for example, of integral parts of the product (accessories, cables, pieces, etc.) or if it has been damaged for different reasons than the trasnsport from DUE-E S.r.l to the customer, not previously informed. Without any restrinctions of the right to withdraw, when the customer receives the product, if he thinks the item has been damaged during the transport, he has to refuse the delivery or to accept it as goods unchecked.

The right to withdraw can be execute with the sending, within 14 working days from the date you received the delivery, of a written communication by a registered letter which has to be sent to:

DUE-E S.r.l.
Via Carlo Ravizza 4
20149 Milano
VAT 03351700962

This communication can be also reveal by email to the address edi@edichirumbolo.com, as long as it is followed by the sending of the registered letter within 48 hours. This communication has to include the products' codes of the products you want to return and the date you buyed them, as well as indications about the refund modality of the purchase (money order, wire transfer, etc.) and possible bank details. 

The products you do not want any more must be returned by you, and they must be intact and in their original packaging, overall with their original consignment note. After the receiving of the email, we will send you the instructions to refund the goods.

After the seller received the goods and checked their entirety, we will provide, as soon as possible, and within 14 working days at most from the delivery of your withdrawal communication, to refund you the cost of the returned items excluding the shipping costs. 

Exclusion of the right to withdraw

The customer, even if consumer, has not the right to withdraw if the products ordered are customized or tailor-made. 


All products sold by DUE-E S.r.l are covered by the conventional guarantee of the manufacturer and by the guarantee of 24 months for lack of conformity, within the meaning of D.Lgs 206/05. The customer must keep the voucher to have the guarantee support. This guarantee of 24 months, in the meaning of D.Lgs 206/05, can be applied to the item which has conformity defect, as long as it is used correctly, in accordance with its use and with what is written in its technical documentation attached. This guarantee is restricted to the private consumer (natural person who buys goods with aims which are not referred to his own professional activity, that is he buys without giving his VAT). In the case of conformity defect, DUE-E S.r.l provides, without costs for the customer, to repair the defect through restoration/ replacement or decreasing the price, until the dissolution of the contract. 

In the case, for any reason, DUE-E S.r.l was not able to return to the customer a guarantee product (restored or replaced), it would proceed to the refund of the amount at his complete discretion, taking into account of the use of the good or of its replacement with a same or better product. 

Controversy resolution

For all the possible controversies about the explanation and the correct application of the sale contract, as well as any further controversies eventually arised between seller and customer related to the sale on the website www.edichirumbolo.com, confirmed the right of the sides to address to the competent judicial Authority, the sides can address to ADR Entity for the extrajudicial resolution of the dispute, of which at the fifth part title II-bis OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES (1)

ART. N. 141 of Consumer code, which make voluntary out-of-court procedures to solve, also online, national and cross border controversies, between consumers and professionals residing in Europe, where ADR Entity proposes a solution or reunites the sides with the aim to ease a friendly solution and, in particular, the entities of mediation for the discussion of the affairs concerning consumption enrolled in the special section of art. 16, clauses 2 and 4, of the legislative decree of 4/03/2010, n. 28, and the other ADR Entities instituted or registered in the lists kept and watched by the authorities of clause 1, letter i), upon the verify of the subsistence of the requirements and of the compliance of its own organization and procedures to the rules of this title. The regulations applied to this title, can be applied also to the possible procedures, expected within the meaning of the clause 7, where ADR Entity takes a decision.

5. The regulations can be applied also to the equal resolution procedures of 141 art. 

6. This does not concern the regulations which expect the compulsoriness of the introductory attempt of out-of-court resolution of the controversies, recalled for example in the same art. 141 above-mentioned.