Terms and Conditions


Seller: DUE-E S.r.l. - Via Carlo Ravizza 4 - 20149 Milano - VAT REGISTRATION NUMBER 03351700962

E-commerce website: www.edichirumbolo.com

Type and main characteristics of the products: the items are described on the corresponding data sheets. The image reffered to the description cannot perfectly represent its characteristics, but it may differ from color, size and accessories of the image. All the information concerning purchase support have to be considered only as generic informative material, not related to the real characteristics of every product. 

Address for sending possible claims:

DUE-E S.r.l. - Via Carlo Ravizza 4 - 20149 Milano - VAT registration number 03351700962 - eMail: edi@edichirumbolo.com

Price of the products: it changes depending on the characteristics and the difficulties of realization of the product and it is specified on the worksheet of the website. 

Shipping costs: vary according to the country of destination, the size and the weight of the item; it is icluded in the final price of the product specified on the website (SC). In the case the buyer would exercise the right to withdraw, the shipping cost (SC) will be withhold by DUE-E S.r.l. from the price paid for the purchase.



Conclusion of the sale

The contract between the seller, DUE-E S.r.l., and the buyer, must be considered concluded only when DUE-E S.r.l. sends the confirmation of the order, even partial, to the email address of the buyer. This confirmation's message will report the date, the time of the execution, and the number of order, which should be used in every following message with the seller. The message proposes again all the details provided by the purchaser, who undertakes to verify their accuracy and to communicate possible edits. In the case of lacking confirmation of the order, DUE-E S.r.l. will provide to give a prompt communication to the customer, who will not have right to have the compensation of the damage. 

In any case, the customer can buy online only the products available, at the moment of the order, on the electronic catalogue of the website www.edichirumbolo.com. Making an order in the various expected methods, the customer declares to have examined all the information given to him during the purchase procedure and to accept completely the general conditions and the payment ones hereafter written. The customer, once concluded the online purchase procedure, will provide to print or save an electornic copy of it, in full compliance with the Consumption Code art. 45 and with following modifications ( Legislative Decree n. 21 of 21/02/2014).

Shipping of the purchased product

The shipping of the goods is made within 2-3 working days from the receiving of your payment...

The delivery will be handled within 24/48 hours of its shipping. The courier will make three delivery attempts. If the customer is not available at the third attempt, the goods will be send back to the sender and the customer should support the shipping costs both of the return goods and of the new shipping. 

The shipping will be made to the address provided during the completion of the purchase form, where the customer has to give also a telephone number which will be given to the courier in order to facilitate the delivery. At the moment of the shipping, if expected, will be send the tracking code to track the order online. 

Refusal of the shipped package or absence of the consignee

In the case of rejection of a package shipped to a customer, he has to refund the costs for the return shipping of the goods, both for a possible new shipping and for a possible refund from which will be deduct the shipping costs he had (SC).

The missed payment of the refund or the missed availability of the borrower, will implicate the intervention of a debt colelction society, with additional increase of costs charged to the customer. 

The same happens if the delivery cannot be made beacuse the addressee is not available or because the address is wrong. 

Payment methods

The prices of the products include already VAT. The payment should be made in advance choosing one of these methods:

  • Bank transfer

 The time of the payment's receiving with bank transfer goes from 2 to 5 days.

  • Paypal

Paypal is a sicure and immediate payment method, which is made by the sicure server of Paypal. Paypal, society of Ebay's company, offers a system of online payments by credit card, being the mediator between the user and who receives the payment. With more than 100 millions accounts all over the world, it guarantees the safety of the credit card's details, in order that they do not get hold of the counterpart. The details will be inserted once, and since that moment you just need to enter to your account to make the payment. Thanks to Paypal you can pay your purchases linking a Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard credit card (or prepaid card) to your account, or using your balance. The registration is free and fast. You have to insert your email address which will be used also to notify every transactions. For any further information, you can visit the section "Security" on Paypal website. 

From now you can also pay with Paypal without registering an account. 

Payments by VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD and AURA CARD are accepted. If you want to pay by credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account, you have to select credit card with Paypal as payment method in the phase of order's confirmation and then, when you are direct to the payment page on Paypal website, you have to follow the link "You do not have a Paypal account".

ATTENTION: if you are using a new credit card, Paypal could verify your card charging on it 1,50$. This amount will be automatically refunded after the check of the credit card. 

  • Money order

The period for the reception with money order goes from 5 to 7 days. Actually it costs 5,00$ (Please check on Paypal site).