Privacy policy


Information notice as per art. 13 law decree 196/2003 for the right to access personal data, containing the data protection code.

The personal data of the customer, which are verbally communicated to the seller, directly acquired or through a third party, for the establishment and execution of the contractual conditions with the customer, qualified as personal by law decree 196/2003 - personal data protection code, are subjected to legislation of the same Code. 
This Code ensures that who uses personal data informs the person concerned about which data are used and how: this must be done with accuracy and with full transparency, safeguarding your privacy and your rights. 
In accordance with this DUE-E S.r.l. provides these information:
Which data are used 
Your personal and/or fiscal data are used and also, eventually, the financial ones which are necessary for the execution of the outstanding or future contractual relationship. 
To make this contractual relationship you should give the consens to the use of personal data: if you want to make it, you have to tick the box in the registration form. 

Why we collect your personal data

The personal data are used only for contractual need and for the fulfillments of legal and financial obligations, as well as to allow an efficient management of the financial and commercial relationships. 

The data will be used for all the duration of the contractual relationship and also later, for the completion of legal obligations and for administrative, commercial purposes. The data will be not used to communicate commercial promotions and/or initiative. 

How we will use your personal data

Your personal data will be processed using adequate tools and procedures which guarantee their security and privacy. This can be made both through paper support and through the help of computer equipments. 

With "computer equipments" we refer to:

  • processing in DUE-E S.r.l offices;
  • processing in the server where the domain is in hosting.

We have to clarify that the data related to credit cards and/or economic transactions are not saved and used by the seller in any way. These data are  directly communicated to the electronic payment service supplier (or suppliers) by the customer and they are never communicated to DUE-E S.R.L.

Information notice as per art. 13 law decree 196/2003 given by these suppliers is available at

Obligation or authority to give the data

Concerning the data you need to know, in order to fulfill the obligations of the law, regulations and EU law, their lacking conferment from the customer implies the impossibility to establish or to continue the relationship, in the limits these data are necessary for the execution of the same. 

Concerning, instead, the data you do not need to know, their lacking conferment will be valued time after time, and it will implicate the consequent decisions, related to the importance of the requested and not given data. 

Knowing area of customer data

The following categories of subjects can discover the customer's data, as responsibles or appointed of the treatment, and they are elected by the writing DUE-E S.r.l., which is the treatment holder:

- interior offices and administrative office

- accountants and responsible of the invoices

- responsibles of goods and services' sale

- maintenance men of the website

- security manager

Communication and dissemination

The customer data will be not propagate, that is they will not be given to unspecified people in any way, also through their making available or consultation.

The customer data can be communicated, that is they can be given to specific people, in these terms:

  • to people who can use the data under law, regulation or EU law, in the limits expected by these rules
  • to people who have difficulty to access the customer's data for supporting purposes to the relationship between seller and customer, in the limits strictly necessary to conduct the supporting tasks (for instance the credit institution, Paypal and the couriers)
  • to seller consultants, in the limits necessary to conduct their role among the seller, upon letter of engagement from the seller which imposes privacy and safety duties.