Regal Bottles

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"Royal" bottles to crown water and wine, the sovereigns of the table!

Glass bottles with unique decorations.
Rare and unusual furnishings, to make your furnishings unique

This is the moment to crown water and wine, the sovereigns of the table!
Here are six simple transparent glass bottles which become "royal" with the addition of corks that simulate crowns.

The decoration of the crowns, in hard stones and with the reproduction of pearls and diamonds, is different in every cork. It can be created using every type of material.

Sizes: width -> 24 cm, depth -> 16 cm, height -> 20 cm.

Unique pieces, similar ones can be created by Edi Chirumbolo


Product Note Status Price
Pieces of cutlery Bell Pieces of cutlery Bell
$3,600.00 *
Glass bell Glass bell
$1,440.00 *
Salt and Pepper Salt and Pepper
$3,600.00 *
Duck Pumpkin Duck Pumpkin
$1,200.00 *
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